Cooper River Bridge

The bridge superstructure is designed to withstand shipping accidents and the natural disasters that have plagued Charleston’s history. The span is designed to endure wind gusts in excess of 300mph (480 km/h), far stronger than those of the worst storm in Charleston’s history, Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Engineers also had to be mindful of the 1886 earthquake that nearly leveled Charleston. The Ravenel Bridge is designed to withstand an earthquake to approximately 7.4 on the Richter scale without total failure. To protect the bridge from uncontrolled ships, the towers are flanked by one-acre rock islands. Any ship will run aground on the islands before it can collide with the towers.

The bridge includes a shared bicycle-pedestrian path named Wonders’ Way in memory of Garrett Wonders. Wonders was a navy ensign stationed in Charleston and was in training for the 2004 Olympics before he died in a bicycle-vehicle collision. The path was included in design of the new bridge because of grassroots efforts by groups such as the fifth grade class at a local elementary school.–Wikipedia


thirty-nine years ago Jim and rode bikes down the eastern seaboard, took a right in Jacksonville, rode to the hill country in Texas. Today we rode a loop around Slabtown, thunderstorms encircling, warm rain. Good.

bucket of bugs

I left a five gallon bucket filled to the rim with water outside overnight in Slabtown. The next morning the water level was two inches lower and this drama was occurring. What's up with the green v black thorax? Fashion, class, sex? What is the dragonfly up to? Need an entomologist. Easier to see in color

quercus macrocarpa

Light requirement: tree grows in full sun Soil tolerances: clay; loam; sand; acidic; alkaline; extended flooding; well-drained Drought tolerance: high Aerosol salt tolerance: high Soil salt tolerance: good Outstanding tree: tree has outstanding ornamental features and could be planted more--

Grows in the 48 contiguous states. This one is in a tree tube. Planted ten in April.