bad pedestrian
Railroads run through our town. They define, divide and interrupt. This railroad got its land back in the 1800’s. In two centuries, names have changed, neighborhoods have grown, rail traffic has dropped. The real estate surrounding the rails is a no man’s land. Railroad property. Trash all over? Not your concern. Do they pay taxes? Do they say goodmorning? Are they a good neighbor? Not your concern.

build out

UVA Parking garage
The desirability of a 3D tool so non-architects can understand the implications of plans, orthographic drawings, has long been discussed in local planning circles.
new hotel
The tools exist. SketchUp is such a tool. The building could be built with digits. Visualized in a way the layman can understand. Lets see what proposed development looks like in context before the bricks get mortared one on top the other.
10th and Page neighborhood
How will a neighborhood with a 35′ vertical envelope fare when more massive buildings come on the scene? Lets see it before we build it. Lets try visually informed planning.