Malcolm Holcombe

singing to the universe, listen in.

“Malcolm’s music was a reflection of his own journey, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. His songs bore witness to the beauty and complexity of life, offering glimpses of hope and redemption amidst the darkness. As a fellow singer-songwriter, Malcolm touched the lives of countless musicians and fans alike, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. His influence extended far beyond the confines of the stage, inspiring generations of artists to embrace their authenticity and embrace the power of storytelling through song.”– excerpted from a beautiful piece by Jet Sly

doin’ his job
up on a roof down in a ditch
workin’ in a plant it dont matter what shift
jesus is there and i just cant quit
doin’ my job
layin’ rock drivin’ a nail
drivin’ a truck deliverin’ mail
jesus is there and he never fails
when i’m doin’ my job
thankyou lord for my job
praise your name in the mornin’ light
gonna keep on prayin’ mornin’ noon and night
thankyou lord sweet lord for my job
a doctor and a nurse a deacon and a preacher
a waitress in a cafe and a school teacher
jesus is there now i’m a new creature
tryin’ to do my job
the grace of the Good Lord givin’ us life
a mother and a baby husband and a wife
jesus on calvary willin’ to die
he was doin’ his job doin’ his job
copyright universal music ascap
malcolm holcombe
steven n heller


playing trombone in the cow pasture
Cows are sentient/sapient beings, they will acknowledge humans when they see fit. Cows enjoy psithuristic compositions, the sound of wind moving through the leaves of an oak. Cows like the trombone, immensely. When brother Wilson visits the pasture they gather together.

Playing for free.