Eulipotyphl Talpidae

Riverview trail
A mole’s diet primarily consists of earthworms and other small invertebrates found in the soil, and a variety of nuts. The mole runs are in reality “worm traps”, the mole sensing when a worm falls into the tunnel and quickly running along to kill and eat it. Because their saliva contains a toxin that can paralyze earthworms, moles are able to store their still-living prey for later consumption. They construct special underground “larders” for just this purpose; researchers have discovered such larders with over a thousand earthworms in them. Before eating earthworms, moles pull them between their squeezed paws to force the collected earth and dirt out of the worm’s gut.–Wikipedia

Paws Up

Tilly sleeps
dogs have had smart cars for years. Napping with the Nikon and coffee cup.


Wes Swing (left) Devon Sproule (right)
Fern Hill Concerts arranged an evening of music September 24 at the Woolen Mills Chapel

Wes Swing
Wes Swing and Jeff Gregerson started the evening. Full house. Sweet sound in the 130 year old building.

Wes Swing

30 x1028 px box

Devon Sproule was enchanting.
It was a beautiful evening.
It was a beautiful evening, rich with sound, as a town we are graced with musicians.


Tilly is on a restricted regimen, no jumping, running, swimming. I struggle not to worry.
Tilly is on a restricted regimen, no jumping, running, swimming. I struggle not to worry.

Laparotomy, Enterotomy

Lateral abdominal xray
With Labradors the mouth is faster than the eye.
Tilly 4 hours postop
My grandfather had a sign that said “even a fish wouldn’t get in trouble if he kept his mouth shut”. What are the consequences of operating one’s mouth in a unmindful way? This is Tilly 4 hours post-op, walking out of Georgetown Vet.
Mao, Liberty and unknown
Tilly swallowed that third button to the right of Mao and Walking Liberty. And the consequences… When did it go down? How did it go down. It resided in her stomach (how long? long enough for the button message to be digested), got ejected through her pyloric valve, raked through the duodenum and hung up in the jejunum 20” from her stomach. The surgeon did a midline incision, a laparotomy, pulled her guts out. A linear track of inflammation was visible along the anti mesenteric surface of the bowel. The surgeon made a longitudinal incision about 1.2” through the bowel lumen and removed Tilly’s prize.
Where did she find it? Probably on the side of the road in Charlottesville
rocking the E collar
She feels much better. Resting. Sleeping a lot, on several meds and delicious food. Wearing an Elizabethan collar…