meriwether, sacagawea, and william exeunt

“As the paper had suggested, Judge Richard T. W. Duke of Charlottesville presented a request to Congress for a $20,000 contribution to pay for the monument. No funding was to be had, and when the desired monument became a reality on 21 November 1919, it was the first of four gifts of sculpture that philanthropist Paul Goodloe McIntire would make to his hometown and alma mater.” 104-0273 VADHR Betsy Gohdes-Baten


Stoli was a Samoyed. The name comes from the Samoyedic people of Siberia. The dogs were primarily herding dogs, but they also pulled sleds, slept in tents at night to provide warmth, and babysat in a pinch. An all-purpose dog for life in Siberia.
Stoli speaks!