sky junk

storm of doom starts, night of February five, 2010. This is a view looking east down Woolen Mills Road.
here in the hinterland we run our utilities in the air. It is the cheapest way. Akin to keeping our inventory of used motor parts in the front yard. After a big snow-storm, some trees fall on electric lines. The solution? Cut down the trees. We are cheap. If we could run the sewer lines in the air we would.


Met with the photo people tonight. It’s hard times for photographers. Micro stock, instant turnaround, accelerated obsolescence of capital investment.  Customers are buying less art.

Hello world!

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The are lots of Blogger FTP users who will be seeing these words soon. Blogger-Google is busy wrestling the Chinese. I applaud that effort. Alas, they have made a bidness decision to no longer support folk who use the Blogger cloud software, then publish to their own domains via FTP I hate change! Please make a note, new address. Haven’t shifted over yet but the time is coming.