Spencer house

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The house at 1809 East Market Street (DHR # 002-1260-0073) was
built in two stages, the second addition sitting almost on the street. Its lot retains its original one-acre as platted and sold in 1887 in addition to a portion to the north.
The house consists of two parts: a two-story, three-bay, hipped-roof, frame, vernacular I-house sitting right on East Market Street and a two-story, hipped-roof section attached to the north elevation. The rear section raised on a high English basement.
Louis, working at night.


Celebration of Life! On Sunday, December 14 from 10am-2pm
there will be a Celebration of Ian Robertson’s life and accomplishments at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.
The Henry M. Flagler Perennial Garden at LWBG, one of the earliest developed areas,
was created by Ian.
Please join family and friends in this celebration.
Friends of Ian Robertson

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