lightning bugs

fireflies in a tree at night.
10 seconds, Lampyridae display. They are hanging out in a quercus palustris.
They don't hang out in the tulip tree to the right.
This chemically-produced light from the lower abdomen may be yellow, green, or pale red — wavelengths from 510 to 670 nanometers. Most fireflies are quite distasteful and sometimes poisonous to vertebrate predators.--Wikipedia


robin egg blue

a robin's egg and some old govt correspondence
Michael Carrithers commented that b&w photos of rust are not entirely informative. I am taking his words as an invitation.
Despite my monochromatic preference (“friends don’t let friends shoot colour”), I am falling off the wagon for a few days, into the chaos and mess, 390 to 750 nanometers.
Blue egg of Robin largely meaningless in b&w would be.


sycamore leaning with the wind
We had a storm yesterday afternoon, cold air falling six miles down out of a cumulonimbus, making for a straight line Dorothy Gale experience. Busted many trees. These trees lean with the wind.
ht ferron, night
here in the hinterland we run our utilities in the air. It is the cheapest way. Akin to keeping our inventory of used motor parts in the front yard. After a wind, some trees fall on electric lines. The solution? Cut down the trees? We are cheap. If we could run the sewer lines in the air we would...


Blessed darkness. Night at night. Nary a streetlight in my part of town. Power lines down. The rise in the distance, Monticello. View from Sunrise Trailer Park.


Pointed fence, railroad tracks, legal penalties, kudzu
From Grove to Crispell.
If this house was for sale I imagine its adjacency to UVA would be a selling point. One-hundred and forty feet, door to door.
The railroad removes the adjacency benefit. A 3000 foot walk instead of 140.
The RR crossings closest to this house (Shamrock & R. Brown) are almost a mile apart. Pedestrian? SOL.

north slope of the James River

workers ahead making beautiful stuff. Suburbs of Richmond, Virginia

Put together an iMovie, apologies for the color… Close encounters with four motor vehicles today.

Guitar by Jim Orr
Video with 1st generation Flip.
Bill Emory (photographer)
Angela Tucker (Charlottesville Development Services Manager)
Dr. David Brown (Mayor of CHO May 21, 2007 when recording was made)
Kevin Lynch (Councilor)
Craig Brown (City Attorney)
Dave Norris (Councilor)