Sprint Pavillion
#Look3 continues. Pictured here, Friday Evening Projection offered range of images curated by the photography editors at TIME Magazine: Isadora Kosofsky, Stacey Kranitz, Myles Little and the photographers from “Inequality in a Time of the 1%,” Kristen Luce, Michael Marcelle, Christopher Morris, Laura Morton, Landon Nordeman, Stuart Paley, Thomas Prior, Emanuele Satolli, Mike Sinclair, Gaia Squarci, Gabriele Stabile, Peter van Agtmael, and others. This the tabula rasa, one of my favorites.

Javier Figueroa-Ray

food artist
aka Chef with No Kitchen. Pearl Island Catering will be selling its Caribbean fare during the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph at the Jefferson School City Center 233 4th Street NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Starting today 11:00a to 2:00p everyday until Saturday.#look3

day of rest

near Schuyler
Oak Ridge Baptist Church, founded 1867, rebuilt 1990. Pastor Reverend Kort Greene. Schuyler, Virginia

pop up office TSA-Pre

anonymous hallway
The Transportation Security Administration is hoping to enroll air travelers in the TSA-Pre program
Universal Enroll office
The closest enrollment center to Charlottesville is a medical office building in Richmond. The TSA is definitely saving money on the minimalist bricks and mortar approach. No frills.
TSA Pre RIC enrollment center
It is slightly Kafkaesque, but if you pre-enroll on the internet, arrange an appointment, fill out forms correctly, it goes smoothly.