Cabell Hall

troopers and Secret Service on the roof
State troopers and secret service scan the UVA graduation crowd, 1981. George Herbert Walker Bush was in his first term as Vice President. Can’t remember what he talked about that day.
I have squirrels on my roof sometime.
If you can dig up text of the speech, please send my way.

sign spinner

Mannequin- n. 1.
a styled and three-dimensional representation of the human form used in window displays, as of clothing; dummy.
Two years ago there was a real human spinning the sign, now they have a dummy.

Keysers Cove

stream in winter
Bernard had the cove dredged in the 60’s, built a little boathouse for his similarly sized dead rise. Years passed. The cove got shallower, Bernard got older. Geese took over, Bernard died. Wind blew all the water away. A polite snow fell. Tomorrow it all starts over.

Our Town

4 of 5 Council members
City Council came to our neighborhood Thursday night. They brought a delicious dinner, a good audio system, and a complement of City staff. Staff and Council engaged in an extended (1:29:00) exchange of substantive information with neighbors. Many people-hours go into holding such an event. People out on the town at night investing their time, the elected and the citizens, striving to make their City a place worth caring about Audio is available on the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association website.