double dog

woolen mills walkabout
I’ve been walking with two dogs in the morning

Woolen Mills walkabout
Typically I bike with one dog which makes taking pictures impractical. It is much easier to stop and photograph when walking. This is a view of the Rivanna River, Monticello and Carters mountain are in the distance.

The absence of leaves opens vistas not available in the summer. The water tank and smokestack are architectural remnants from 100 years ago, part of the Charlottesville Woolen Mills INC’s physical plant.

Union Chapel


What does the tree say? The OED notes of psithurism, “Obsolete. Forms: α. psithurisma. β. psithurism. This word belongs in Frequency Band 1.
Band 1 contains extremely rare words unlikely ever to appear in modern text. These may be obscure technical terms or terms restricted to occasional historical use, e.g. abaptiston, abaxile, grithbreach, gurhofite, zarnich, zeagonite.

a rustling or whispering sound, such as leaves in the wind; susurration: “Standing in the glade I heard a quiet psithurism, just straddling the line between music and noise.”

Castanea dentata

chestnut snag
This snag, or dead tree, has been standing since it was killed by the chestnut blight that moved through Pennsylvania by the early 1920’s.
Wildlife, such as turkey, bear, deer and squirrels depended on this tree for food. It was a very fast growing tree. The largest American chestnut tree ever recorded before felling was 54 feet in circumference (approximately 17 feet in diameter).

“You teach me, I forget. You show me, I remember. You involve me, I understand” ~E.O. “Ed” Wilson, 1929-2021