birthday dog

Sophia’s 11th birthday yesterday. Walked a new neighborhood. Barked. Skillfully manipulated humans. With a cursory glance, people think she is a young dog. Closer study tells another story. She has lipomas all over, an issue shared by many old Labradors. She tires physically before her enthusiasm runs out. She has grey fur on her feet and muzzle. She has a measure of pain.

Rivanna Pumping Station

At their January 25, 2011 board meeting, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority heard from four members of the public regarding proposed improvements to the Rivanna sewage pump station. RWSA's Tom Frederick provides an introduction to the comments.

Frederick Intro
Ewing comment
Hayes comment
Chester comment
Emory comment
Frederick summary

Photo above illustrates the proximity of the pumping station to residences.

Audio clips above pulled from the complete podcast of this board meeting available at Charlottesville Tomorrow

Information from RWSA regarding pumping station project