Technical gremlins preventing me from uploading a photo, the server people, GoDaddy, say “it’s not us”, the webarati disagree, saying the “failed to write to disk” problem is a server side error.
I have been thinking about fathers, found our father’s father’s watch today. Our father died 20 years ago.
Seconds turn into years.


1175–1225;  ME < OF relique  < L reliquiae  (pl.) remains (> OE reliquias ), equiv. to reliqu ( us ) remaining + -iae  pl. n. suffix
in this picture, Jim Orr, Bill Underwood, Bill, Edith, ferocactus, darkroom, time, light, atmosphere, Baltimore, quercus macrocarpa, Mac, Emma Gray, Saint Stephen’s, 1943, Holcombe, Quincy, Steve Ashby, dreaded Xmas letter, it is all there. All time all the time.