What is paradise? Different things to different people. This is one of my versions. Rolling hills, floodplain. Labrador grazing.

Rick Caul

Rick Caul died 48 hours ago, Wednesday, March 20, 6:50 pm. He fought for his life the past couple of years.
Ricky was the machine king, an artist of repair. He fixed with insight, economy and speed.
Ricky had a stern presentation but scratch the surface…
…he had a big heart. He was a generous man to work with, patient with those less skilled than he.
Ricky was a family man, he loved his wife and his boys.

I am deeply grateful to Adrian Pols to have had the chance to work at Eastham Engineering for seven years.(Auto Tecnika) Rick was a master mechanic. Adrian is a diagnostician without equal. They made a great team.
Rick got the job done.