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Martin’s Brandon Parish was formed in the early 17th century and derives its name from the nearby Martin’s Brandon Plantation patented by Captain John Martin in 1616. The current church was designed by noted Baltimore architect Niernsee & Neilson and built in 1855.-Wikipedia

Franklin County

White people.
Lloyd Hodges Garage is a timeless community landmark, servicing the Franklin County and Smith Mountain Lake area for over 40 years.

day of rest

St.Paul’s Episcopal, Built in 1886, the only active church of Southwark Parish that dates to 1647.

I’ve been asked why take pictures of churches. many reasons. one of them, in America we tear down most buildings once they are middle aged because? Because we build poorly, because we are short-sighted idiots… supply me more reasons! Being that the church is God’s house, we exercise care, not wishing to anger God, a higher percentage of these structures survive.