The Cloud of Unknowing

these band members gave the band name as "The Cloud of Unknowing"
The Cloud of Unknowing counsels a young student to seek God, not through knowledge and intellection (faculty of the human mind), but through intense contemplation, motivated by love, and stripped of all thought. This is brought about by putting all thoughts and desires under a “cloud of forgetting”, and thereby piercing God’s cloud of unknowing with a “dart of longing love” from the heart. This form of contemplation is not directed by the intellect, but involves spiritual union with God through the heart:–Wikipedia

Entrance Corridor

a green city
A Green City
Charlottesville citizens live in a community with a vibrant urban forest, tree‐lined streets, and lush green neighborhoods. We have an
extensive natural trail system, along with healthy rivers and streams. We have clean air and water, we emphasize recycling and reuse, and we
minimize storm‐water runoff. Our homes and buildings are sustainably designed and energy efficient.


Town Creek screen
Childhood is a brief season
Mac Becca Caitlin
A protectorate, a state of grace, practicing humanity
Caitlin Becca Emma Helen
Saw Caitlin married yesterday. Ate a meal with her family and friends. Celebrating a new season.
Rivanna reservoir
great fortune being there then, here now
hp cw bw eg stairs
observation, method and implementation
in another 20 years I hope I can glimpse Caitlin’s world.