puppy and shoelace
Many of Service Dogs of Virginia’s animals come from Ravenwood Farm. The full possibility of a symbiotic relationship between hominid and canid starts early with acclimation to the bipeds. Dogs can do many things… Unload the clothes dryer, monitor blood glucose levels, anticipate seizures, fetch slippers. However, they are better at untying shoes than at tying same.

Porch Life

porch night
“Porch life” is a term social historians have applied to the gathering of family; neighbors and friends which took place regularly during fair weather on the verandahs or front porches of many of America’s homes around the turn-of-the-century. Such use of porches was a strong tradition until after World War II. —From Porch Swings to Patios

Flying a sign

high street 250 cho
All of her signs had “God Bless” written across the bottom. That’s a trope now. Whether your claim is that of a homeless veteran or a Katrina victim or just a wise-ass gutterpunk with a sign that says, “I need beer,” writing “God Bless” on the bottom of your sign is telling passersby that you’re safe, you’re good, you’re just unlucky, but you’re right with the Lord.–Vice