bucket of bugs

I left a five gallon bucket filled to the rim with water outside overnight in Slabtown. The next morning the water level was two inches lower and this drama was occurring. What's up with the green v black thorax? Fashion, class, sex? What is the dragonfly up to? Need an entomologist. Easier to see in color

Author: WmX

I stumbled off the track to success in 1968, started chasing shadows that summer. Since then, In addition to farm-laborer and newspaper photographer my occupational incarnations include dishwasher, janitor, retail photo clerk, plumber, HVAC repairman, auto mechanic, CAT scan technologist, computer worker and politico (whatever it takes to buy a camera.) I am on the road to understanding black and white photography.

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  1. Amazing picture and you’re right about the color. I forwarded the link to a bug friend. Are the bugs alive?

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