Eminent Domain

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I asked Council to seize 21 acres in the floodplain of the Rivanna River, to provide the current owner of the property with just compensation, and create another river park. In the alternative there will be a 15 foot flood wall that blocks access from neighborhoods to the river, a 2 acre parking lot and 245 apartment units.

“that sort of burst on us about a week ago”

(audio from 3 of 5 councilors below.)

Author: WmX

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One thought on “Eminent Domain”

  1. (10/03/2022 comment to Council)

    Great Cities take care of their rivers. Since the early 1990s people in Charlottesville have asked city planners and political leadership to protect the Rivanna River.

    The value of the river corridor became abundantly clear during COVID times. Use of the river by residents of the City skyrocketed and has remained high.

    Sadly, decades of asking for river corridor zoning reform have not prompted action. The results of Council and Staff’s inaction are bearing fruit now.

    A corporate entity has filed a site plan with the City of Charlottesville to build 245 apartment units and 2 plus acres of asphalt parking in the floodplain just downstream from the Free Bridge.
    Albemarle County doesn’t allow building in the floodplain. Charlottesville does.

    I don’t mean to portray the unknown developer as misguided. They are going for the main chance to make some money. What is disgraceful is the City’s lack of regard for the importance of this river to its citizenry and the City’s failure to plan and enact river corridor zoning.

    It is critical to avoid negatively affecting the environmental quality of the river system or devaluing the important natural attributes and cultural resources that make our home, Charlottesville, a place worth caring about.

    I urge the Council to avoid this brewing tragedy of the commons situation. Council, please, exercise your power of eminent domain. Provide the current owner of the property with just compensation, buy this land and transfer stewardship of our river to the department of Parks and Recreation.

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