POD 23 Apomorphine

36 shell halves
Tilly decided to put her post gastrotomy stomach to the test by ingesting some very durable roughage. Peanut shells. Is there an industrial use for peanut shells? Can they be used as an abrasive agent when scrubbing a toilet bowl?
What goes down must come up.
Veterinarian administered an emetic, Matilda is all better.

Apomorphine acts directly on the chemoreceptor trigger zone to induce emesis. Apomorphine is generally the emetic of choice because of its rapid onset and the ability to reverse its action. Apomorphine is given at a dose of 0.02 to 0.04 mg/kg intravenously or intramuscularly. It can also be administered by placing it directly behind the eyelid in the subconjunctival sac. Diluting the pill with sterile water minimizes ocular irritation. Apomorphine solutions are not stable and must be made fresh before each administration. Vomiting usually ensues within 4 to 6 minutes. When used conjunctivally, the eye should be flushed copiously once vomiting occurs. Apomorphine can be used in cats but at the lower end of the dosage, and adverse side effects can be reversed with naloxone (0.01 to 0.04 mg/kg IV) in both dogs and cats. Apomorphine administered subcutaneously often has a delayed onset of action, and the duration of action may be prolonged.–ScienceDirect

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  1. Google has all the answers. All I want to know but afraid to ask! Glad Til is no worse for wear. Ps. Had to put Opal down Wed. Still struggling with this new reality. Give Til a hug for me. Peanut shells are used in the manufacture of soap, cosmetics, wallboard, plastics and linoleum, among other things. Scientist and educator George Washington Carver extolled the value of peanuts and their shells at the beginning of the 20th century.

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