one year old

dog at table
Tilly joined us for dinner last night celebrating today’s birthday.

Here are some things you should expect from your one-year-old:
Your child should recognize her name and look to you when you say it.
She should have at least one word in addition to mama and dada, even though you may be the only one who understands it.
She can pick up Cheerios (as well as stray buttons, dead bugs…) with two fingers — and put them in her mouth.
She may be able to hold a cup to her mouth.
She knows “no.”
First steps are taken!
Two naps begin to consolidate into one midday nap around this age.
Your child should be weaned off of pureed food at around 1 year; she can eat everything you eat if it is in chewable pieces (except potential allergens if there’s a family history).
She’s doing a good job of developing fine motor skills: banging objects, poking fingers, making marks on paper. No piano concertos just yet, but she’s working on it.–

Author: WmX

I stumbled off the track to success in 1968, started chasing shadows that summer. Since then, In addition to farm-laborer and newspaper photographer my occupational incarnations include dishwasher, janitor, retail photo clerk, plumber, HVAC repairman, auto mechanic, CAT scan technologist, computer worker and politico (whatever it takes to buy a camera.) I am on the road to understanding black and white photography.