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WCAV Rachel Bryan
National and local media are queuing up for The Commonwealth of Virginia vs. George Wesley Huguely, V in the Charlottesville Circuit Court, 315 High Street, Charlottesville, VA.
The City is Very Organized on this one. TV perimeter is in place. There are assigned locations for stand-up news, a web page, an RSS feed, a 17 page, 4677 word Huguely Trial Media Plan document…

CBS Whit Johnson
NBC network has a magician working on their support staff. Most of the TV people (including CBS National network, reporter Whit Johnson above) have 81 square foot spaces roped off on the tree lawn on the south of High Street opposite the Circuit Court.
NBC has 900 square feet on the courthouse grounds, beneath 2 magnolias and a white oak.
(Note to City budgeteers. remember to designate money to pay for air-spading, watering and fertilizing all the trees that will be damaged by the electronic occupation.)

media liason office
Each morning of the trial, a representative from each media outlet must report to the Media Liaison Office at the Levy Opera House on High Street to pick up the Courtroom Day Pass for his/her media outlet. I love this office! In a stairwell of CHO’s 1852 Town Hall. Necessity is the mother…

brit the dog
Brit the Golden Retriever takes his morning constitutional down 4th Street, the designated area for satellite trucks.
On the South side of High Street opposite Circuit Court in the 81 square foot corrals, from west to east:
WSET Roanoke, WRC Washington, WBAL Baltimore, WVIR Charlottesville, WCAV Charlottesville, WTVR Richmond, CBS Network, HLN/CNN network, WWBT Richmond, WUSA Washington, WTTG Washington, WRIC Richmond, WJZ Baltimore, WMAR Baltimore, WBFF Charm City.

Off the record, the news people wonder if this is news.

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  1. I wonder how many girlfriends and spouses got beaten last night in Boston after the Giants whupped the P’s? That would be news, this strikes me more as the lives of the rich and famous.

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