Quercus phellos

Q phellos grove, CHO mall
Does anyone know the value of these trees? I heard that the timber at Ragged Mountain didn’t have much value, or more accurately, that the value of the Ragged Mountain trees would be realized by the low bidder on the earthen dam.
But what is the value of this downtown stand? What is the replacement plan? Maybe we could let the restaurants and vendors who lease this space sell the lumber to help defray their rental expense?
Have there been any reports from arborists that these juveniles are “in decline”? That is often the way the cutting begins.

Author: WmX

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2 thoughts on “Quercus phellos”

  1. Those look healthy and stately from what I can see, there aesthetic value is priceless. If cut down and even replaced, it would be 30 -50 years to see this again.

  2. Value is subjective. It depends on who the recipient of the value is. To a logger, it may be timber value. To a city manager, it may be based on budgetary demands. To a nearby shopkeeper, it may be significantly higher. The point is, there is no formula for a value that everyone will agree upon. To determine the benefits of trees in a given locale, Google “National Tree Benefit Calculator”. Also you can check out the iTrees site.

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