furrin car HeLP!

I am helping my mom move. Would like to pull a trailer behind Volvo station wagon but American and European wiring don't agree. My favorite suggestion from an auto parts place to date go to Sweden.
OK. If any of you are willing, please find me a source for the plug pictured, with seven bare wires coming out of it...

Author: WmX

I stumbled off the track to success in 1968, started chasing shadows that summer. Since then, In addition to farm-laborer and newspaper photographer my occupational incarnations include dishwasher, janitor, retail photo clerk, plumber, HVAC repairman, auto mechanic, CAT scan technologist, computer worker and politico (whatever it takes to buy a camera.) I am on the road to understanding black and white photography.

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  1. Well Dorothy, you and Toto need to go ask Adrian the Wizard. His palace is far away, over on the Rose Hill. Stay away from the witches and poppies. You should be okay. (Bring me back some courage, thanx.)

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