ride of silence

cyclists on Water Street
A second ride of silence took place in CHO yesterday. This is a worldwide event held every year, 3rd Wednesday in May, beginning in 2003. Locally the event is organized by cyclist Alan Bewley.

Main street
More information is available at the official ride of silence website. The ride highlights the fact that our roads are shared public spaces that are not shared very well. The ride honors, and provides a prolonged moment of meditation/contemplation for cyclists killed in the streets.

Rugby Rd
The rolling police protection which accompanied the 80+ riders through the streets of CHO Wednesday affords a level of safety missing for cyclists most days.

Norris, Bewley
Mayor Dave Norris, after the ride with event organizer Alan Bewley.

Some of the riders…
Ian Ayers’ video of the event.
Peter Norton and Coy Barefoot talk about the streets.

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  1. I saw you taking the second picture and was hoping to see it no the internet. Great shots all around. It was a fun ride, I hope next year we can double the amount of bicyclists!

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