Critical slopes

Charlottesville Planning Commission and City Council have a joint public hearing tomorrow night regarding updating the Critical Slopes ordinance. A unique opportunity for members of the public (Developers and residents) to weigh in on what our City will look like ten years down the road.
If you are a player of meeting bingo, the sustainability box will be filled in early.

Author: WmX

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One thought on “Critical slopes”

  1. The problem is that the general public doesn’t understand the criticality of critical slopes. These fine citizens (as in regular folks living in Cville, the ones who don’t make their money from putting a hurting on the area) haven’t really been involved in the process. Unfortunately, the bulk of the people showing up for the meetings have been the developers.

    Lord save us from this new breed of developer– the smug young hipster spouting off half-formed platitudes about “the new urbanism.” The bulk of them don’t have the slightest idea how to pull off this concept without destroying their surroundings. Unfortunately for us all, density is the only tool in their limited developmental skillset, and they’ll take it out and wave it furiously like a little flag, regardless of the circumstances.

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