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Town Creek, Corrotoman River
Wrote my Senators and Representative today about S.1816 and H.R. 3852, the Chesapeake Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration Act.
Do I believe in politics? Does writing an elected representative accomplish more than doing a magical dance around a dead animal?
Read about the proposed legislation on the Choose Clean Water Coalition site.
The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has a machine that’ll write the letters for you.
Contact Your People in DC, encourage them to stand on their hind legs.
Do those things, then dance around the dead animal.
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  1. Writing is better than email, calling is good too. Best is to make an appointment, go over to their local office and get their position on record from them or their staff and write a letter to the editor if you don’t like it. Given what’s going on in the Gulf, it’s kinda hard to oppose clean water. But you have to let them know you want an answer and make it clear you will be public about it answer or not.

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