April 23rd, 2014, the PLACE Small area Plan (SAP) subcommittee met to discuss the prioritization of small area plans.
Minutes for that meeting are available 4-23-14 SAP subcommittee minutes.

How Did we get to this map? 4/23/14

For decades the Planning Commission has made recommendations to the City Council regarding Land Use issues in the City. At times these recommendations have been presented in published form, such as the corridor vision of Torti Gallas included as part of the 2001 Comprehensive Plan. In other cases, the land use recommendations have been formed in the course of scheduled Commission meetings, such as the discussion and recommendation regarding the Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Rezoning Request at the August 12, 2014 Planning Commission Meeting.

Jim Tolbert, Director NDS
Mr. Jim Tolbert, former Director, Neighborhood Development Services
2007 comp plan
The adjacency of these disparate uses, springing from incompatible zoning and land use plan categories has generated considerable conflict. Since 1988 the Woolen Mills neighborhood has sought, and been promised, comprehensive planning and study to address this issue.
Multimodal river accessibility 4/23/14Commissioner Keesecker (audio has been edited!)
small area plan map
How to prioritize former Planning Commissioner Rosensweig

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