zoning bulldozer

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1009 e market

Update on the valiant house at 1009 East Market. The adjacent lot to the east now boasts a three story preschool! A for sale sign has appeared. Tecnicolor zoning. We have similar zoning, destructive to the fabric and function of our community, in the Woolen Mills neighborhood.


Water Street

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south water street edge Tuesday

Tuesday this was the south edge of Water Street

Thursday edge of Water

In the 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday the city had the trees cleared.

multimodal path City walk

The City is hoping to establish an off road, 10 foot wide multi-modal path between downtown and Meade Park in the Woolen Mills. The path and the fence (to keep pedestrians off the railroad tracks) have been planned for years. This is a section of the path and fence adjacent to “City Walk”. The scarified area pictured above will receive treatment similar to this in City Walk in the coming months.

How best to handle the commons, the City owned right of way throughout town, 156 miles of street?
Tomorrow, the City is holding a community engagement event for the “Streets That Work” project that will address this and other questions related to streets.
Be there!

Streets that Work Public Input Meeting – Saturday December 13, 2014
City staff invites the public to be a part of the process and come out to its Streets that Work Public Input Meeting. Please join us on Saturday, December 13 from 8:00 am – 11:30 am at the Carver Recreation Center Gymnasium to share your ideas and join the conversation.


seven busses seven riders?

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Transit Center Water Street

busses waiting for riders


Canopy Street

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Entrance Corridor, E High Street
In 1975, under the leadership of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation director, Gene German,
George Briggs and Clare Byrd developed “Guidelines For A Street Tree Planting Master Program
For Charlottesville Virginia”.

The study chose to look first at the public sector of town. In order to determine which streets
would be the most important ones to include in the planting masterplan in the sense that they are
heavily used, and serve to connect vital parts of the town together.
All points of entry into the City are noted since thy are heavily traveled and are also
important in terms of the first impressions which they give.If these streets were well-planted
with canopy trees, there would also be more shade, and less noise, glare, dust and
pollution for people to have to deal with everyday.


canopy street

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willow street NOLA
In 1975, under the leadership of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation director, Gene German,
George Briggs and Clare Byrd developed “Guidelines For A Street Tree Planting Master Program For Charlottesville Virginia”.

“Our peace of mind, our emotions, our spirit-
even our souls– are conditioned by what our eyes see.
There is a feeling abroad in this land today that ugliness
has been allowed too long, that it is time to say
‘Enough,’ and to act.”- Mrs. Lyndon Johnson
Opening remarks to a conference on Natural
Beauty called by President Johnson in the White House

(from the preamble to the plan,page vii)


Bourbon Street morning

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attractive corporate spokesperson
The paved right of way of Bourbon Street is 21 feet wide.


Clear Width

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sidewalk pole
The sidewalk on the east side of Meade Avenue is a five foot sidewalk but there are 19 obstructions to users of
that sidewalk between Meade Park and Meade Avenue’s intersection with High Street.
The sidewalk’s minimum width is 29”. The average obstructed width is 39”.


Wednesday morning

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chesapeake street
four feet wide, really.



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bye bye walnut
Juglans nigra
March 29, 2014


walkable city

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The strip and curb, side of road = sidewalk. Is there a City official who has walked this thing?

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