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repairing infrastructure
Workers from TriState Utilities reline 8″ diameter waste water pipe from an access point at 10th and Market Street. To prevent infiltration and exfiltration related to sewer pipes in the water and sewer authority service area would require an expenditure of 2000 million dollars.

Albemarle County Supervisor Ken Boyd gives an interview to local TV following the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority Board Meeting September 27.

Charlottesville City Council Independent candidate, Bob Fenwick, advocates dredging of the region’s reservoir as the most effective means of protecting water supply. Mr. Fenwick shown here with corn growing in dredging spoils.

September 29, a citizen addresses a representative of the state Department of Environmental Quality at a public hearing regarding a Modification Request for VWP Individual Permit No. 06-1574, Ragged Mountain Expansion Project, Albemarle County, Virginia.

Sunrise, night

Sec. 34-406. Purpose.
The purpose of the R-MHP district is to establish areas of the city deemed suitable for manufactured homes, and to ensure a safe and healthy residential environment consistent with existing land use and density patterns.–Charlottesville Code

Looking at the zoning map, I am not sure where these MHP districts are located?
hic sunt dracones?

new year

I know the T. Wolfe rule , you can’t go home again. And so, tried to snap this house one last time. Home of my step-dad. North bank of the James River, under a dense arboreal canopy, within earshot of the trains. It’s been a place of stability, comfort, beauty, work, love. He raised a family here early on. More recently, the past decade, this the home for an older married couple.
Oh lost!