Light switch?

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This evening, 7:00-9:00 pm, there is a City roundtable discussion about budgetary matters. It’s hard to take these meetings seriously after many years, hard not to be sarcastic. The public attends, and speaks. Roundfile…

fine print
Budgets are about shepherding and allocating resources. The little money adds up to big money. Our City pats itself on the back for being “Green”. Buying battery operated cars. Hey fellows? Where is the light switch? 13.7 footcandles of light falling on that newspaper. The hot spots on the sidewalk are 47 footcandles! Super size me…
A lighting designer could take the electricity being used on this bridge and light a small village.
Elsewhere on Locust Avenue, north and south of the bridge, illumination levels are sensible, around 0.2 footcandles.

Running through the tanning salon.

Beneath the Locust Avenue bridge is the Richmond Road, Route 250. I tried the pedestrian experience beneath the bridge. There are narrow sidewalks on the left and right. Harrowing.


  1. LOL on you chillaxing on the bridge with a paper. NY Times, Hook, or DP?

    Comment by Victoria B Dunham — 2012/03/21 @ 18:32

  2. What newspaper? The award winning Hook!

    Comment by Bill Emory — 2012/03/21 @ 20:38

  3. I have often thought the same thing. I live just off the ramp. Is it my imagination or did someone turn down the lights on the bridge? They don’t seem as glowing orange or as bright…or I may be dreaming….

    Comment by Caroline Mankins — 2012/05/03 @ 15:56

  4. […] cobra style, drop lens suburban/highway style fixtures on a street, but no one knows where the light switch is, where the form is to request the removal of lighting. We submitted a dark-skies petition in […]

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