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spider night

orb-web spider.
Unlike most arthropods, spiders have no extensor muscles in their limbs and instead extend them by hydraulic pressure–Wikipedia


Cyprinus carpio haematopterus

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koi in St. Louis

The outside world was not aware of the development of color variations in koi until 1914, when the Niigata koi were exhibited at an annual exposition in Tokyo.–Wikipedia


anisota senatoria

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yellowstriped oakworms in situ

University of Florida has an excellent write-up about these critters.

q palustis w/ egg cluster

They tend to lay egg masses on the lower leaves. So if you were able to inspect a few thousand leaves

3 versions of same thing

Hoping the Charlottesville downtown mall isn’t beset by these. They particularly like q. phellos.
Differences between instars can often be seen in altered body proportions, colors, patterns, or changes in the number of body segments. —Wikipedia


Equus ferus caballus

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horse ears

a case where removing color didn’t make for a better picture. Why is an annoying person a horse’s ass?



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quercus palustris and lepidoptera

there are seventy three different types of caterpillars that feed on the pin oak. Need help figuring out which group these belong to.


Terrapene carolina carolina

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eastern box turtle

Box turtles are slow crawlers, extremely long lived, slow to mature, and have relatively few offspring per year. These characteristics, along with a propensity to get hit by cars and agricultural machinery, make all box turtle species particularly susceptible to anthropogenic, or human-induced, mortality.
In the wild, box turtles are known to live over 100 years, but in captivity, often live much shorter lives.–Wikipedia



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hand of God

A rare chance to be the divine agent. This fledgling faltered into an inescapable dark place. No possibility for self effected escape. Then, lo! A hand, a huge featherless being, transport, the outdoors. Another day!


Datana contracta

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datana contracta

while I was picking these critters out of my q. phellos I saw two wheel bugs hunting Japanese beetles.



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foot of Monticello

Like all New World vultures, the black vulture often defecates on its own legs, using the evaporation of the water in the feces and/or urine to cool itself, a process known as urohidrosis. It cools the blood vessels in the unfeathered tarsi and feet, and causes white uric acid to streak the legs.Wikipedia


snake in a bucket

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unidentified reptile

found while gardening

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