the sacred and the profane

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Headstone in the oak woods near Jarman’s Gap road.

There are varying ways to interact with the natural world. The graveyard up top is in a harmonious interaction, an elemental gracious return to  earth.  And then there are the rest of us, the oafs.

There are varying ways to interact with the natural world. The graveyard up top is a harmonious interaction, an elemental gracious return to earth.
And then there are the despoilers. Same woods, same hill, different mindset.


Jesus chained

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Joseph in chains

Local creche, Joseph et alii chained. The world has changed in the last 30 years.

Jesus chained

The Baby Jesus secured in the manger.

nativity scene secured

Even the livestock are at risk.


bad water

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bad water sign

I am going to pass


anisota senatoria

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yellowstriped oakworms in situ

University of Florida has an excellent write-up about these critters.

q palustis w/ egg cluster

They tend to lay egg masses on the lower leaves. So if you were able to inspect a few thousand leaves

3 versions of same thing

Hoping the Charlottesville downtown mall isn’t beset by these. They particularly like q. phellos.
Differences between instars can often be seen in altered body proportions, colors, patterns, or changes in the number of body segments. —Wikipedia


time machine

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Stanley Lott

2004, Columbia SC statehouse grounds. Stanley Lott



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overview of assembled press

The Charlottesville Police Department held a press conference at 2:00 pm Monday, March 23rd at CitySpace located at 100 5th Street NE, Charlottesville, VA.

TV people

The purpose of this press conference was to provide the media and public with the results of the investigation into an alleged sexual assault at the University of Virginia that was reported in Rolling Stone magazine in the fall of 2014.

Chief Tim Longo

Chief Longo addressed the assembled news folk and took questions.


My tribe.

plethora of devices

Once upon a time Journalists had to ask questions and photograph, now the job description includes blow by blow tweeting.

breaking down folling presser

Often we see television journalists skyping from conflict zones, but when news originates at home big gear is still de rigueur.

Reporter does a standup following the conclusion of the presser.

Reporter does a standup following the conclusion of the presser.

30 x1028 px box

Based on the information known to investigators at this time, we find no substantive basis of fact to conclude that an incident occurred that is consistent with the facts as described in the November 19, 2014, Rolling Stone Magazine article.
The department’s investigation cannot rule out that something may have happened to “Jackie” somewhere and at some time on the evening of September 28, 2012. Yet, without additional evidence we are simply unable to reach a definitive conclusion.
This investigation remains open, yet suspended in the event additional evidence should come to light.–CPD (full statement is available)


Water Street

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south water street edge Tuesday

Tuesday this was the south edge of Water Street

Thursday edge of Water

In the 48 hours between Tuesday and Thursday the city had the trees cleared.

multimodal path City walk

The City is hoping to establish an off road, 10 foot wide multi-modal path between downtown and Meade Park in the Woolen Mills. The path and the fence (to keep pedestrians off the railroad tracks) have been planned for years. This is a section of the path and fence adjacent to “City Walk”. The scarified area pictured above will receive treatment similar to this in City Walk in the coming months.

How best to handle the commons, the City owned right of way throughout town, 156 miles of street?
Tomorrow, the City is holding a community engagement event for the “Streets That Work” project that will address this and other questions related to streets.
Be there!

Streets that Work Public Input Meeting – Saturday December 13, 2014
City staff invites the public to be a part of the process and come out to its Streets that Work Public Input Meeting. Please join us on Saturday, December 13 from 8:00 am – 11:30 am at the Carver Recreation Center Gymnasium to share your ideas and join the conversation.


quercus phellos

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q.phellos stump

it was getting too big?


sometime the advertising doesn’t hold under scrutiny

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almost anytime

almost anytime except this afternoon


Sad town

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Rain rain rain

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