tools in the rain

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tools in the rain
At the corner of Meadowbrook Heights & Grove (38.055790 -78.482827) I came across a pile of tools. What does it mean? There are few tool users in this neighborhood?
It is a neighborhood comprised of golden rule people? No one in the neighborhood walks?
No one in the neighborhood would stoop to pick up trash or treasure?


Cooking in Belmont

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franklin street looking south
At 10:15 this morning members of the JADE task force executed a search warrant at 706 Franklin Street. Three individuals were detained. Materials were removed from what appeared to be a operational laboratory engaged in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Franklin cordoned off
Traffic control cordoned off 500 feet of Franklin Street and established a perimeter. The Fire Department and Hazardous Materials Team handled decontamination.

inbound or outbound?
View from Mason Street looking east. Not able to say what is in the containers. Mr. White?

taking down the decon tent
The operation was winding down around 1330 hrs.

windblown footware
Found this footware just outside the Police perimeter.



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pedestrians and a phone pole
Sunday morning foot traffic. These folk participating in a Goruck challenge.


Downtown Mall

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healthy eating active living


Krewe of O.A.K.

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Oak Street
Dancers warm up for Saturday night Krewe of O.A.K. parade.



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deaf child sign
Post-prandial walk down Dublin street. The road surface is a composition of many materials, oyster shells, Portland cement, river gravel, asphalt, crushed rock, sand, tar. The patches are numerous, their levels and texture vary. The street is one continuous speed bump. It works ok for a biped or vehicles moving slowly. The final result is a street where vehicles seem to be aware of pedestrians and bicycle traffic. I haven’t seen anyone driving and texting simultaneously.

used to wave my fingers in front of my face to stop the ceiling fan blades. This video from Canon G-10 does one better with the Dash 8 300


eight feet

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4 sets of feet O2 tubing
I have older versions of this photo.



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walking to town



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garrett street
(Charlottesville Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator) Amanda Poncy out for a morning walk with Buddy, five year old tricolor hound. Coincidentally, Poncy is walking on the 1976 TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, a 4247 mile transcontinental trail established for the Bicentennial.

belmont store
One of my favorite aspects of snow is the momentary reclamation of the street, the commons, the several square miles of our city which we ceded to the automobile in the last century.

Pedestrians momentarily rule. People see and speak to each other. Smartphones are stored.

A calmness prevails. A chance to look around and see all we have created.

silver maple
Walking about, everything is almost black and white, a most salutary condition.

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