railroad track weld
Buckingham Branch employee sledgehammers slag off a new track weld between 1st and 2nd Street northeast in Charlottesville Virginia. lists no synonyms for sledgehammer.
The word sledgehammer is derived from the Anglo Saxon “Slaegan”, which, in its first sense, means “to strike violently”. The English words “slag”, “slay”, and “slog” are cognate.–Wikipedia

Peter Gabriel
Percy Sledge
Rahm Emanuel

Sun King

furniture detail
The Sun King had many ailments during his lifetime consistent with diabetes: suppurating periostitis (1678), dental abscesses (1696), recurring boils, fainting spells, gout, dizziness, hot flushes, and headaches (cephalalgias).–Wikipedia

moving day

one last time
During WWII, before my father deployed, my parents moved all over the US. This month, my mom is changing address again, 3rd time in 21 months. She rangers on, I long for the stability of the homes she created.


The good stuff in life, free. Well made American desk. Steelcase? Was curbside on the 600 block of North Avenue a few days ago.


Corner of Cedar Hills and Hydraulic Road. The trees in this part of town are disappearing, soon to be replanted along the grand boulevards of Stonefield. I suppose the trees in the Route 29 median are gone for good.
Has the Muse of Architects been communicating on a regular basis with the builders of Stonefield? Will the addition of veneers, nature band-aids, signage, street lights and grifters make it feel more like Charlottesville? While the grifters might not be welcome to loiter and panhandle in the interior of Stonefield they’ll probably be able to set up along the Hydraulic frontage in the public right of way.
Curiosity (Martian rover) landed today. (illustration below courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech)

rover photo NASA/JPL-Caltech
Look at it. It has cameras, wheels, it is looking for something. Looking for the trees and where did all the Martian water go? Curiosity has a Twitter Feed.
When will the Big Windowless at Stonefield be activated? Is it a DT mall slayer robot?
Will it spew cars through Cedar Hills neighborhood? Is there a water feature? Does Stonefield have a Twitter Feed?

day of rest

St Pauls Church gyard
History is a matter of perception. It contains our worst assumptions and our truest truths – any time we come in contact with it we are changed. The many gifts of the people of faith who have built up this community in the past have provided a strong foundation for a vital parish of the future.St. Paul’s Church, Beaufort NC