We were for it before we were against it

City of Charlottesville and County of Albermarle officials met January 18, 2011, to share water supply ideas. It was SRO.

County Supervisor Dennis Rooker was very persuasive.

Many City residents have contacted the elected representatives, arguing for a phased approach to water supply improvement.
I wrote the Council this past weekend.

Later in the day, January 18, City Council met and discussed the water supply.
Mayor Dave Norris and Vice Mayor Holly Edwards wished to preserve the City’s water system assets. Councilors Huja, Szakos and Brown voted to amend Council’s September 20 resolution and build a thirty foot dam.

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Hawes Spencer and David Norris join Coy Barefoot to discuss.
Kevin Lynch and Dede Smith join Coy Barefoot.
January 21, 2011, Mr. Huja joins Coy Barefoot
January 25, 2011, Ms. Szakos joins Coy Barefoot
January 25, 2011, Mayor Dave Norris joins Coy Barefoot


Visiting my wise stone white man chum, Roger Williams. Polar Roger. Girl at the grocery store said that growing up she and her contemporaries called Roger “the snitch”. Why? The position of his hand, pointing, ratting someone out….
No, not Roger.

How, he asked, could the Puritans claim the land by “right of discovery,” when it was already inhabited?–Grinde & Johansen

Need a modern writer to animate Roger, David McCullough? (This a color photo, no manipulation. The weather performs the function which Photoshop normally supplies, stripping out the color.}
Roger in better weather.