August asphalt

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Cygnus olor, Swan v Automobile

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The Mute Swan is one of the heaviest flying birds, with males averaging about 12┬ákilograms (26 lb) and the slightly smaller females weighing about 9┬ákilograms (20 lb).–Wikipedia

A sudden blow: the great wings beating still– W.B.Yeats

This time, wasn’t Leda hit, it was the swan.


C&O tracks

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southern edge Woolen Mills, northern edge Carlton



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Bill Underwood painted a series of trains cutting through western US landscapes while living in exile from New Mexico, I saw the paintings laid out in the dim light of a suburban basement on the southside of Richmond. William J Underwood, where are you now?


Rt 360 Westbound

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Ray Wittenberg of the Oxford American writes:

I’ve been replaced!…. how fickle is the fickle finger of fate!?!

No no, 8 years, different technology, Ray and Sophie, tri-x film, 21mm, Leica. Jim and Sophie, digital, zoom lens. Change and sameness. Same dog. Same model car. Same activity, different road. Dog conserving her energy in 2010, riding lying down.


I-95 Southbound

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where the buffalo roam

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Industrial ID

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Arborists can look at the form of a tree and offer up an identification. Mechanical engineers, please step up and tell me what product this ensemble of structures turns out?



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It's not easy being a pedestrian. Will endeavor to find a photo of this intersection before a four-lane stake was driven through the heart of town.



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One of those times when life seems akin to a board game. Motel 6

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