good grammar

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deliberate misspelling, iconoclastic grammer, tastes good as a cigarette should… Boyz, lite. The author knew how to spell dog, yet he chose to spell dog DAWG. 300 words. Why?


  1. Maybe “Dawg” is not a dog!?

    Comment by Scott Christian — 2010/03/30 @ 06:50

  2. because he’s south of the Mason Dixon line?

    Comment by robert — 2010/03/30 @ 12:26

  3. true dat Robert, in the hills of a tobacco state, Nawth Carolina

    Comment by bill emory — 2010/03/30 @ 13:07

  4. Lots of Georgia Bulldog fans say go dawgs! We in the south do on occasion speak a different language, one that seems totally unrelated to the Kings English

    Comment by mike a — 2010/03/30 @ 19:47

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