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My dear friend MGLS said “Bill Emory, you can take the world’s worst portraits.” She was right.


  1. My God, what a mug. This could well be titled as “Patient, Western State Hospital, circa 1935″….note the electroshock therapy unit on the wall…

    Comment by Adrian — 2010/03/25 @ 14:49

  2. Did you doctor your eyes, because they look too dark. This is such a creepy picture, Dad. Jeeez.

    Comment by Anonymous — 2010/03/25 @ 22:09

  3. Is that you, Bill?

    Comment by gray — 2010/03/26 @ 07:05

  4. that’s what I look like after I eat too many bumblebees. (Yah, notice that the photo is filed under photoshop, I made it look even worse than reality.)

    Comment by bill — 2010/03/26 @ 08:05

  5. Another pic of you sittin’ on the terlit.

    Comment by Victoria — 2010/03/26 @ 17:23

  6. i think it’s cool

    Comment by mike a — 2010/03/27 @ 22:23

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