aesthetics, geomorphology, impacts

On a deeper, literally fundamental level, landscape (in the broader sense of environment) bears study because it is the ground of our being, the material basis of our existence. As geographers and environmental scientists remind us, our lives “take place”;  we live in particular locales that affect us enormously–physically and psychologically–in ways that seldom rise to conscious awareness.
Where we are helps determine who we are and how we interact with our world.–The Best & Worst Country in the World Stephen Adams

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Old dog, silvery muzzle
Lifts his head
When I put on my coat.
Heaven for him
Is going to be
An endless walk
With me.–ALB

Uncensored Songs for Sam Abrams, Spuyten Duyvil, New York, n.d. P. 43


moth lampshade
How thick is the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico?
In the Obama White House, are moths able to follow his O’ness back inside after he has a smoke?
Does the Oval Office have French doors.
Does the Secret Service eliminate insects?