day of rest

Oak Ridge Baptist Church was founded in 1867, and its current building dates to 1990.  This church lies part way up a steep lane off Irish Road about five miles west of the village of Esmont, VA.  Oak Ridge Baptist Church’s address is 7734 Old Dominion Road, Schuyler, VA. — Scottsville Museum

Harry Jerome Arnold

Clouds steeple cross
Harry Jerome Arnold had a mission from God.
Harry downtown
Harry’s mission was to warn people about Hell by means of his poetry. He was unable to publish his book. He died. So go, at times, missions and dreams.

God’s Poem Writer, Harry Jerome Arnold, died the first week of May, 2015 of esophageal cancer. Reportedly, his was a quiet and peaceful death (at home, with Hospice care). After being homeless for many years, Harry died with the dignity of a roof over his head. He lived at the Crossings. He was, in our interactions, a saint, like a wandering holy man. Quick to smile and give kindness to other people.