1. Give people the finest land, not the cheapest.
2. Bring the water to the community.
3. Every detail is important.
4. Create a vision, first.
5. Make pedestrian movement natural.
6. Knit the edges of each neighborhood together and connect fragmented pieces
7. Don’t forget about basic housekeeping and maintenance.
8. Maximize the natural assets.
9. Think regionally.
10. And above all else, build beauty into everything.

(who made that list?)

Community meetings

Once upon a time the public stage was an open place to see and be seen
Sometime the being seen was without a particular message. Maybe one’s presence expressed support? Maybe it expressed a watchfulness.
There is information available from body language and the context in which it is thrown down
There are means, within the physical space, even if it is not your turn to be heard to be heard.

Now there are all forms of electronic meetings. Have they increased accessibility? Have they increased effective citizen participation in governance?

Sophia Exeunt

Sophie died five years ago today. We’d been on our morning walk. Back at the house she died.

dog hole

She lay in state for the day in her nest next to the window.
Friends came to visit, say one last goodbye. Tears were shed.
Sophie went the distance, she was almost 16.
We buried her at sunset, planted a quercus robur on top her grave.
This photo was taken November 17, 2015, the last made while she was alive.