Tony Matelli’s “Sleepwalker”

underwear man & schoolgirls
Tony Matelli‘s underwear-clad sculpture of a sleepwalking man was at the center of controversy on a college campus in 2014, with outraged students launching a petition for its removal. —Hili Perlson

(We are having a sculpture controversy in Charlottesville as well but underwear is not involved. People see different things in a statue. NYT had the story.)

Zenaida macroura

(Print trays make good bird baths, edges are easily gripped.) It (the dove) is also a leading gamebird, with more than 20 million birds (up to 70 million in some years) shot annually in the U.S., both for sport and for meat. Its ability to sustain its population under such pressure is due to its prolific breeding; in warm areas, one pair may raise up to six broods of two young each in a single year.–Wikipedia