day of rest

sinners take note
STL through the windowglass 65 mph
STL, across the street from Bellefontaine Cemetery
storefront church by the SW corner of Bellefontaine
House of Prayer. The Lords House of Prayer Motto: psalm 122:1″ I WAS GLAD WHEN THEY SAID UNTO ME,LET US GO INTO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD” Founding Pastor Prophetess Pearl Gary. 5481 Union Blvd, St. Louis (MO), 63115, United States
“I would like to extend to you an open invitation to The Lord’s House of Prayer. A place where your problems are our problems and my success is your success. If you say that The Lord’s House of Prayer is not the church for you then I encourage you to attend another church because GOD HAS NEED OF YOU.”

making a smoke

John Deere 4020 diesel
The pause that satisfies. Making a smoke, getting ready for the ride back to the shop after a day of ordering in Charles Hill field, readying to plant corn. Jack Jasper, Rosni Farm, 1975.
Day’s end. Jack used to live in the house on the top of the hill, before Jack I think Sterling stayed there. In 1975 I did.

welcoming committee

airport security moving with deliberate speed
three on foot, one on Segway

Segue is a verb that means “to move without stopping from one topic, song, etc., to another.” Segway, on the other hand, is a trademarked name for an electric transportation device. Most of the most commonly confused words in English are old pairs: affect and effect, or discrete and discreet.