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in the end there was one piece missing

in the end there was one piece missing


into the west

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helen emma carters mountain

Helen headed to the other side of the world.


city litter

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few leftovers

aftermath of lunch at Mel’s Cafe


country litter

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no sure of the story here beyond dead

not sure of the story here beyond dead


strip mall backside

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albemarle square backside

the backside of this local mall is more interesting to look at than its front side


part way

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silhouette priest

Walked on the Appalachian Trail, part of the way up the Priest

up and down

graph of up and down


Helen and Emma saw me struggling, I didn’t have adequate clothing. Took me home before I could get hurt.


time machine

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Wren's crew

The James River south-side naturalist crew. Howard and I are holding the needles, maybe that explains our serious countenance. I am the youngest. The others seem more at ease, arrayed behind a line of pine cones. Kimmy, Betsy, Wren and Gray. I want to go on a vacation in April and walk with Robin in a forest, hang out with amazing trees. Hear Gray in the windsong. Please advise..


Town Creek

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hpe on the Callis oyster bar

Could I swim to Weems? To the far shore. Water temperature 42 degrees Farenheit. Didn’t try.


mandibular prognathism

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Toulouse the bulldog

Keeping an eye on the cat next door. Toulouse is a French Bulldog, a brachycephalic breed that exhibits notable mandibular prognathism. The word “prognathism” derives from Greek pro (forward) and gnathos (jaw).
Brachycephaly, from latin roots meaning “short” and “head”, is descriptive term for animals whose skulls or noses are shorter than typical for the species.Wikipedia.


John and Edward

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John & Edward
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