Julian Day and Kobasanta

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not exactly sure what kobasanta is

Today is Julian Day Number 2456997. Kobasanta is ready. Don’t know JDN or Kobasanta? Just as well.


last last picture show

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regal six closes

Charlottesville Downtown has two theaters that don’t show movies and a third, pictured, which recently shut down. The theater is being remodeled, but its a long breath hold until it reopens.
Vinegar Hill


quercus palustris & Canis lupus familiaris

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Sophie cruising Market Street

falling rain and leaves


Virginica O

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Virginica O dusk, Bertrand

SEXUAL PHASES IN THE AMERICAN OYSTER (OSTREA VIRGINICA) During the past three years there has been an accumulation of evidence which indicates that in at least three of the so-called dioecious species of the genus Ostrea a change or sex frequently occurs from season to season or between early life and full maturity. It may be recalled that at least ten of the more than sixty described species of the genus are regularly hermaphroditic and larviparous. Some of these exhibit a rhythmical sequence of alternating male and female phases…W.R.Coe Biological Bulletin
Vol. 63, No. 3 (Dec., 1932), pp. 419-441


day of rest

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northumberland county dusk
somewhere in Norththumberland…



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Monday of this week 3000+ pages of this website went missing. Since that time, Humpty Dumpty has been reassembled with help from friends and unknown tech support in Arizona. I was distraught. Better now. Robin above, has a new series of prints on her website


Thanksgiving day

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cousins, Northern Neck of Virginia

cousins, Northern Neck of Virginia


Spencer house

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woolen mills neighbor

The house at 1809 East Market Street (DHR # 002-1260-0073) was
built in two stages, the second addition sitting almost on the street. Its lot retains its original one-acre as platted and sold in 1887 in addition to a portion to the north.
The house consists of two parts: a two-story, three-bay, hipped-roof, frame, vernacular I-house sitting right on East Market Street and a two-story, hipped-roof section attached to the north elevation. The rear section raised on a high English basement.
Louis, working at night.


quercus phellos

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q.phellos stump

it was getting too big?


sometime the advertising doesn’t hold under scrutiny

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almost anytime

almost anytime except this afternoon

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