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hand of God

A rare chance to be the divine agent. This fledgling faltered into an inescapable dark place. No possibility for self effected escape. Then, lo! A hand, a huge featherless being, transport, the outdoors. Another day!


Route 354 Bertrand

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rt 354, bertrand

Flat, corn, no cars


Corrotoman River clouds

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Looking toward Weems, Virginia

Looking toward Weems, Virginia



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Frank Borden Hanes

a flurry of flickers, a flush of jaybirds and a squirrel. Always watching.



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gin and tonic

Bombay Sapphire makes for crazy dreams


Datana contracta

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datana contracta

while I was picking these critters out of my q. phellos I saw two wheel bugs hunting Japanese beetles.


day of rest

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church Jarman's gap

resilient landscape


Southwest Mountains night sky

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Southwest Mountains, night + CHO sky glow.

Southwest Mountains, night + CHO sky glow.

The Southwest Mountains of Virginia are a mountain range centered on Charlottesville, parallel to and geologically associated with the Blue Ridge Mountains, which lie about 30 miles (50 km) to the west. Some of the more prominent peaks include Carters Mountains, Fan Mountain, Brush Mountain, Peters Mountain, Walton’s Mountain, and Hightop Mountain.–Wikipedia


time machine

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Stanley Lott

2004, Columbia SC statehouse grounds. Stanley Lott


rabbit ears

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13" cathode ray tube color

I had a plan to toss the rabbit ears, converter box, 13″ cathode ray tube TV and VHS machine.
Only to be blocked by memory and the soul in the machine.

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