drunken spider

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Carlton Avenue

Here in the hinterland we run our utilities in the air. It is the cheapest way.
Akin to keeping our inventory of used auto parts in the front yard.
Some of the poles are owned by the Dominion, some are owned by the telephone people?
Providers who want to run wires and cable rent space.

A Green City
Charlottesville citizens live in a community with a vibrant urban forest,tree‐lined streets, and lush green neighborhoods.
We have an extensive natural trail system, along with (a) healthy rivers river and streams.
We have clean air and water, we emphasize recycling and reuse, and we minimize storm‐water runoff.
Our homes and buildings are sustainably designed and energy efficient.–Council Vision 2025



Rivanna fog

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Rivanna trail

Wednesday evening, cold water, warm air


Lowes Hell

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Meadowbrook Hardware

Found my hardware store for life shuttered. Mercantile changes which result in a loss of
municipal character are a source of sadness.
Who will feed the Preston Avenue cats?


Tale of two cities

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ada ramp

A portion of our City has a high density of Juris Doctors in residence. The southeast side of the City has few. Pictured above, a yellow “detectable warning” equipped ADA ramp up to a sidewalk. What is the JD density hereabouts? Intersection of Carlton Avenue and Franklin Street.


truth in advertising

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true that


ground fog

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groundfog railroad tracks

snow + warm front = groundfog


Sophie and Reggie

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Sophie and Reggie

Sophie used to find Reggie every morning. Now it is a struggle for her to walk the distance to Reggie’s house. We drove over for a reunion.


without fear of hematophages

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winter woods

last year I got fed on by my first tick March 1. Not a problem in 2015. This pathway is in the floodplain of the Rivanna River.


Cabell Hall

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troopers and Secret Service on the roof

State troopers and secret service scan the UVA graduation crowd, 1981. George Herbert Walker Bush was in his first term as Vice President. Can’t remember what he talked about that day.
I have squirrels on my roof sometime.
If you can dig up text of the speech, please send my way.


little brown birds

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True sign of being a geezer. Enjoying birds more than live amplified music.

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