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video camera
Charlottesville has lots of visitors in town bearing these things. How often does it happen?
Good journalism making its way through a lens?



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bye bye walnut
Juglans nigra
March 29, 2014


Russell Lord

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Russell Lord talks about Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks
 The Making of an Argument
 September 19 – December 21, 2014 Curated by Russell Lord,
Freeman Family Curator of Photographs, New Orleans Museum of Art
organized at
The Fralin Museum by John Mason, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Corcoran Department of History


Looking for Hannah

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looking for hannah
RICHMOND, Va. – Local and state emergency officials are seeking volunteers to assist with a mass search
for Hannah Graham planned for early Saturday, Sept. 20. Graham is a student at the University of Virginia who has been missing since Saturday morning.
All volunteer searchers are subject to a background check and must register online at helpfindhannah.brmrg.org no later than 5 p.m. Friday.
Anyone who is unable to register online can register in person at John Paul Jones Arena
(295 Massie Road in Charlottesville) prior to the 7 p.m. Friday volunteer briefing.
Only those who have registered will be permitted to participate in Saturday’s search.
Volunteer searchers must:
• Be at least 18 years old
• Carry NO weapons
• Bring a copy of the registration form and driver’s license
• Wear proper footwear and clothing for weather and conditions
• Bring water to stay hydrated
• Indicate on registration if they have previous military and/or search-and-rescue (SAR) experience
• Be physically in shape for walking/searching in up to four-hour periods


sprinkler control room

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sprinkler control room sign
place of mystery


Franklin Street Pedestrians

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franklin looking north
(Kristin Szakos) So it would be up by, theoretically, July firstish?
(Jim Tolbert) Depending on the work load of Public Service you know they would have to schedule we would give
them a work order um if if we could gamble and go ahead and order some flexposts cause we have places we could
use them anyways so we can go ahead and figure out how many of them we need, order them so we can move faster.
(Kristin Szakos) I think that would be good, if people are walking through there to get to the pool, it is summertime,
lot of people walking I think.
May 19, 2014
(photo taken August 13)
motor age 1
motor age 2


jimmies and sooks

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outdoor bathroom sign
Jimmies and sooks, Chesapeake waterman lingo for the male and female blue crabs Callinectes sapidus


east china sea + town creek

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west view toward china
Anna, Emma and Helen on the East China Sea side of Okinawa.

oyster house
High high tide yesterday in Virginia, harvest moon. Coastal flooding in Slabtown.Town Creek rising up around the eastern elevation of Callis oyster house


venus fly truck

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truck gravity trap
About once a month we catch a truck here. The City has signs posted discouraging
18 wheelers from rolling through the neighborhood, but the signs are advisory in nature, no bite.
But for those who venture in, there are gravity traps, constrained roadways
and Crazy neighbors with pitchforks




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Food Lion parking lot
I am accustomed to seeing singleton gloves on the ground. But shoes?

shoe ISO foot

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