Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Hyphantria cunea

The good thing. Eagle was on overwatch while I pushed the lawnmower.

On the ground, trees are defoliated by some variety of tent caterpillar. They seem to be partial to walnut and pecan trees but they are munching on the yearling oaks as well.


Hoping someone can help me with critter ID.
RMH says:
The fall webworm feeds on just about any type of deciduous tree, where leaves are chewed; branches or the entire tree may become defoliated. Worldwide, it has been recorded from 636 species,[6]¬†and is considered to be among the most polyphagous of insects. In the eastern U.S., pecan, walnut, American elm, hickory, fruit trees, and some maples are preferred hosts; in some areas persimmon and sweetgum are also readily eaten. In the west, alder, willow, cottonwood and fruit trees are commonly used.–Wikipedia

Rt 360 Westbound

Ray Wittenberg of the Oxford American writes:

I’ve been replaced!…. how fickle is the fickle finger of fate!?!

No no, 8 years, different technology, Ray and Sophie, tri-x film, 21mm, Leica. Jim and Sophie, digital, zoom lens. Change and sameness. Same dog. Same model car. Same activity, different road. Dog conserving her energy in 2010, riding lying down.