July 4 Monticello

John Charles Thomas
The Honorable John Charles Thomas delivers the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

Mcello east view
I had planned to skip the celebration this year. But when the 4th arrived, I could not resist.
Walked up the mountain via Mulberry Row.
(can someone please recount the history of this structure?)
dudes with tricorner hats
Old Line Fife and Drum Corps prepare
Security and retired Navy were there (notice cellphone people in background)
so many cellphones
The President of UVA, James E. Ryan, spoke. Ryan was introduced by Mr. Tobias Dengel, Chair of the Foundation Board of Trustees
the Charlottesville Band played
Troop 75 was on hand to present the colors.
The sun was intense
Judges Urbanski and Kavanaugh conducted the naturalization ceremony swearing in 50+ new citizens. The comments of the new citizens are the heart of the day.
Invariably, this gathering makes me proud, makes me cry.

It is always an event worth attending.


highway sign Asheville NC
Pipe smoking, gun toting, barefoot, dead eyes, ragged clothes, sloppy, diffident, illiterate, ignorant, no problem.

ASHEVILLE – A Seattle-based company has purchased The Mountaineer Inn, Asheville’s iconic Tunnel Road motor court, for $6.1 million, with plans to refresh the 1939 motel and adopt it into its outdoor recreation-oriented brand.–Citizen-Times

The Appalachian region and its people have historically been stereotyped by observers, with the basic perceptions of Appalachians painting them as backwards, rural, and anti-progressive. These widespread, limiting views of Appalachia and its people began to develop in the post-Civil War. Those who “discovered” Appalachia found it to be a very strange environment, and depicted its “otherness” in their writing. These depictions have persisted and are still present in common understandings of Appalachia today, with a particular increase of stereotypical imagery during the late 1950s and early 1960s in sitcoms. Common Appalachian stereotypes include those concerning economics, appearance, and the caricature of the “hillbilly.”–Wikipedia