Circus grounds

What’s old is new again

City Manager Sam Sanders
2008 September, Planning Commission identifies the Rivanna as a work plan item for 2009
Identify strategies to maximize the presence and value of the Rivanna River in the life of the City of Charlottesville
1/27/2009 Staff presents Rivanna River Corridor Plan Project Outline
Rivanna River Corridor-Charlottesville
Issue: The 3.7 mile River Corridor is an under-realized resource for the City of Charlottesville. “Identify strategies to maximize the presence and value of the Rivanna River in the life of the City.”
Outcome: River Corridor District defined for the City. Various components ready for inclusion with 2013 Comprehensive Plan—March 1, 2010 CPC Work Plan Report

Last night Charlottesville City Council approved purchasing floodplain acreage next to the Rivanna River.
Several of the Councilors and the City Manager spoke thoughtfully about the purchase.


There has been much talk about the Rivanna Corridor in the last two decades. I hope, this time, City leadership, staff and elected, will get serious. Spending five million dollars is a serious move. Other moves, like rewriting the zoning code for the acreage in the flood plain, should be undertaken post haste.


At dawn (but no sunrise, overcast) walked across the Beaufort Bridge, ran into the bridgekeeper. He says he grew up where waterfront park is located, always wanted to operate the bridge. The man got his wish.

February 2004 I visited Megan, Percy, Fredericka, Bella and Kathy Ravenel. We went to a nursery on Edisto. I bought a quercus virginiana.

I planted the live oak at Slabtown. This fall, nineteen years later, it made acorns.

Kathy Ravenel, Fred Alexander


Market Street Park aerial
This is the park that launched a thousand ships, Market Street Park. Formerly Emancipation Park, formerly Lee Park, formerly…
These days the park is home to a number of people who can’t afford the highly inflated rents and real estate prices in Charlottesville.
There is an open house at the park today (Saturday October 21)