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riverview cemetery dawn

THE RIVERVIEW CEMETERY COMPANY was incorporated by a group of local businessmen on December 29, 1892 with a mission to establish a cemetery “near and convenient” to the City of Charlottesville and properly ornamented with “trees, shrubbery or flowers.” In February 1892 the Company made its first land purchase of 27.95 acres from the Charlottesville Land Company for $6,987.50. Riverview continued to amass small quantities of land over the years from neighboring lot owners, residents and the Albemarle Golf Club on its western border. Local residents Henry Clay Marchant, Mrs. M.J. Burgess and J.S. Barksdale purchased the first burial plots on December 6, 1894. Seventeen more were sold between 1894 and 1899, several to board members and officers of the Cemetery Company.–Lara Day Kozak


wet basement

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reflecting pond

897 gallons of water in the house

high water

Under normal conditions I can kayak underneath this boardwalk.

The bald cypress is fenced off, its a favorite of local deer. Usually it is high and dry.

The bald cypress is fenced off, its a favorite of local deer. Usually it is high and dry.


Riverview Park

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dogs walking their people

A dog will walk. No one complaining presently about the weather being hot and dry. This is a portion of the trail that circles Charlottesville.


Tree island

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morning ground fog

Locusville Farm, Slabtown Road


when the rain came

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downtown mall

September 10: after several weeks of dry weather there was rain.


Corrotoman River clouds

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Looking toward Weems, Virginia

Looking toward Weems, Virginia



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gin and tonic

Bombay Sapphire makes for crazy dreams


distant storm

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Town Creek night

the well mannered thunderstorm, produced a quarter inch of rain, light wind and a little cloud illumination.


raining on the parade

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japanese umbrella

Rain falling on the 66th annual Dogwood Festival parade. Rain is better with friends.


on the road to Lucinda

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Mailpouch Tobacco

Snow! 233 miles north of Charlottesville, April 22, route 66, on the road to Lucinda. Clarion County is one county away from the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Snow melt here flows through New Orleans.

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