little brown birds

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True sign of being a geezer. Enjoying birds more than live amplified music.


Keysers Cove

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stream in winter

Bernard had the cove dredged in the 60’s, built a little boathouse for his similarly sized dead rise. Years passed. The cove got shallower, Bernard got older. Geese took over, Bernard died. Wind blew all the water away. A polite snow fell. Tomorrow it all starts over.


Town Creek

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Town Creek frozen

two days maintaining power company connection, white pine v utility pole, white pine won



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cobra style drop lens and hood

the grim reaper walks her dog


south shore

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Westport River

41.53 lat -71.11 lon, not an easy walk to the grocery store. 2366 Smoots from the mouth of the Westport River


Wednesday morning

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chesapeake street
four feet wide, really.


day of rest

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Church on Jefferson ST
Church of The Holy Comforter, 208 Jefferson St, Charlottesville, VA 22902


Charlottesville Woolen Mill

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cho woolen mill></p>
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Day of Rest

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treeline near Orange VA

Deep Snow
The dead might wake into a world like this,

And know its white lost ecstasy their own.

I am a stranger wearing flesh and bone,

Peering beyond my dusty chrysalis.

No scent or sound invades the integrity

Of peace beneath the ermined thatch of pine.

Nor whir of wing, nor quick heart-beat of mine

Shall spill the cradled silence from a tree.

No God of Sinai shatters the timeless pause

With “Thou shalt not.”
But from each holy bush

Love speaks, articulate in this white hush.

Here life and death may meet, obeying new laws,

And mingling as easily as flake with flake.

Into a world like this the dead might wake.–Emma Gray Trigg

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Road trip

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Trailways Bus
Love the logo.

14 degrees blowing snow
Motored 676 miles yesterday from CHO crossing the Rivanna, the Shenandoah, the Rappahannock, the Potomac, the Susquehanna, the Delaware, the Hudson…

providence RI smokestacks
….the Blackstone.

characterized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1990 as “the most polluted river in the country with respect to toxic sediments.–Wikipedia

Braga Bridge
A long tenuous moment involved climbing over the Taunton River on the Braga Bridge. Two wheel drive, barely made it up the grade.

Westport kitchen window
In my sister’s favorite kitchen. Nine degrees outside. Snow has stopped.

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