distant storm

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Town Creek night

the well mannered thunderstorm, produced a quarter inch of rain, light wind and a little cloud illumination.


raining on the parade

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japanese umbrella

Rain falling on the 66th annual Dogwood Festival parade. Rain is better with friends.


on the road to Lucinda

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Mailpouch Tobacco

Snow! 233 miles north of Charlottesville, April 22, route 66, on the road to Lucinda. Clarion County is one county away from the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Snow melt here flows through New Orleans.



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grayed out

First rollicking thunderstorm of 2015. Trees stayed connected to the ground but the world more than 15 yards away disappeared behind the rain.
Electricity went away for twelve hours. Can of tuna for dinner.

electric danger sign

Walked the power line for a distance, couldn’t find where it was downed.



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Swanson Field, STAB

a warm day, good for baseball, meditation, contemplation


Rivanna fog

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Rivanna trail

Wednesday evening, cold water, warm air


ground fog

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groundfog railroad tracks

snow + warm front = groundfog


little brown birds

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True sign of being a geezer. Enjoying birds more than live amplified music.


Keysers Cove

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stream in winter

Bernard had the cove dredged in the 60’s, built a little boathouse for his similarly sized dead rise. Years passed. The cove got shallower, Bernard got older. Geese took over, Bernard died. Wind blew all the water away. A polite snow fell. Tomorrow it all starts over.


Town Creek

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Town Creek frozen

two days maintaining power company connection, white pine v utility pole, white pine won

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