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NDS Director Alex Ikefuna, Montpelier

NDS Director Alex Ikefuna, Montpelier


Biard Elmore

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Elmore headstone

Mr. Elmore resting in peace, with the soybeans, June 22, 1860, May 9, 1931


what is in a name?

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global warming

In 1980, Dominion Resources, Inc., was incorporated as the holding company for VEPCO. For us ratepayers on the ground Virginia Electric and Power Company became Dominion.

transporting fracked gas

Dominion came through the Woolen Mills recently, whacking trees. Line maintenance. They provide the power that I post by here. But what is the price of the power?

North Anna, James

Is it possible for a monopoly to be true to its place of origin? To care about cultural and natural resources? To care about the environment? Here recently, the corporation has been in the news, often. From the outside they’ve been acting more like the Dominator than the Virginian. Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Transmission lines over the James River. New nuclear facility on a faultline.

political clout

Yesterday, people from across Virginia came to speak to the dominator. To date, there is little indication that Dominion has ears.


day of rest

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Waddell Memorial Presbyterian Church
Waddell Memorial Presbyterian Church, 7133 Rapidan Road, Rapidan, Virginia
Carpenter Gothic, built in 1874, in the Rapidan National Historic District


late for the party

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Changes in process at Monticello this year caught me unawares so I wasn’t on the mountain for the naturalization, the national birthday party or Dave Matthews talk. Bicycled up after all the guests had departed. Walked around the garden.


Independence Day

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monticello july 4 2012
missing the silhouettes of two liriodendron tulipfera


Sally Bell

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bakery, 701 Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia. Accessible without the time-machine.


Under the oaks

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The Upperville Colt and Horse Show dates back to 1853.


Twymans Mill

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hoping Frank Stringfellow Walker can supply the name of the stream next to Twymans Mill
On the left bank, north bank of Great Run. Post-office, gas station, cultural repository.
Twymans is an unincorporated community in Madison County, Virginia. Listen to the names:
Achash, Aroda, Aylor, Banco, Beaver Park, Big Meadows, Brightwood, Burnt Tree | Criglersville | Decapolis | Duet | Elly | Etlan | Five Forks | Fletcher | Fordsville | Graves Mill | Haywood | Hood | Kinderhook | Leon | Locust Dale | Madison Mills | Nethers | Novum | O’Neal | Oakpark | Oldrag | Pratts | Radiant | Repton Mills | Rochelle | Ruth | Shelby | Shifflet Corner | Syria | Tanners | Tryme | Twymans Mill | Uno | Waylandsburg | Wolftown | Zeus–Wikipedia


Old Rag

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boulder, on top of Old Rag
little rock, big rock, boulder

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